-Maestro Shifu Even when Shifu broke down, admitted his mistakes and apologized for them, Tai Lung still demanded the scroll and would've killed him for it if Po hadn't arrived in time. But their success convinced Lord Shen to ruthlessly fire one of his cannons at the wreckage of boats the Masters had created, which exploded everything and everyone in front of him. The addition of this green wrap adds the symbolism of wisdom and peace to Shifu's aforementioned color scheme.[19]. The Five and all the other masters, moved by Po's loyalty, made their way to the Noodle Shop to celebrate the holiday with him. Shifu didn't know anything about Kai, but after studying the ancient scrolls revealed that Kai was Oogway's brother-in-arms until he discovered how to take Chi and was defeated by Oogway. Physical attributes He believed that Oogway was about to point to Tigress, and felt infuriated that a "flabby panda" who appeared seemingly by accident was chosen over his own students. Oogway disappeared in a shower of peach petals and light as he passed away, leaving Shifu with his beloved peach-wood staff and a mountain of a problem to deal with. À la veille du dixième anniversaire de la sortie du dessin animé de Kung Fu Panda sur l'écran du monde, j'aimerais rappeler et parler de ses héros, ou plutôt, enfin, trouver la question: quel genre de maître des animaux, Shifu, est ce grand mentor indestructible et cet exemple pour imiter le mignon chub Pô , aimé par beaucoup de sa spontanéité, sa maladresse et son désir de rêve. After Po's catastrophic failure, Shifu tells Po that he intended him to fail, because if he only does what he can do he will never be more than he is. Peluche Maestro Shifu Kung Fu Panda Dreamworks Big Headz 20Cm Pupazzo plush . Dopo essersi convinto delle qualità del panda, è diventato molto più premuroso nei suoi confronti. [16], Small, fast and cunning, Master Shifu is an extremely talented warrior. But then he added that he eventually came to realize that it wasn't Po that was the problem, but instead within himself. Enjoy. In questo processo emozionale creato dall’opera della Dreamworks assume un valore centrale il Maestro Oogway.Il personaggio che preferisco senza ombra di dubbio. At the end of the first film, however, Shifu finally accepted her after he had attained inner peace due to Po's efforts of defeating Tai Lung. There is content missing from this section. Upon seeing the scroll missing, he nearly strangled and killed Shifu before the timely arrival of Po saved him. Kung Fu Panda Movie Figure 2-Pack Tai Lung & Master Shifu Kung Fu Panda Battle Figure Playset - Tai Lung vs Master Shifu figures each figure size approx 2" tall fun and decorative very hard to find. Dalle citazioni motivazionali del maestro Shifu a quelle della tartaruga Oogway, fino alle battute simpatiche del padre di Po, l'oca Mr. Ping, tutte da leggere, copiare e condividere sui social o con tutti i tuoi amici e fan del mitico Kung Fu Panda. Realizing that the key to teaching Po was through proper motivation (food), he proceeded to take Po to the Pool of Sacred Tears (a sacred pond in the Wu Dan Mountains where Oogway founded Kung Fu by unlocking the secrets of harmony and focus) and lifted the giant panda's spirits by simply asserting he had faith in him for the attempt. Shifu is also known for his amazing sense of hearing, possibly due to his large ears. With nothing else left to do, Shifu told Po and the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley. After the master trailed off and closed his eyes, the panda pleaded with him not to die, only for Shifu to yell back that he wasn't dying, he was only at peace, and master and student shared a long meditative moment side by side, until Po interrupted, asking if Shifu wanted to get something to eat, which the red panda agreed to after a sigh. This made Tai Lung overly confident with his own abilities while mastering advanced techniques such as nerve attacks and all on-thousand scrolls of Kung Fu that he directed his life into earning and mastering the Dragon Scroll (which the chosen Dragon Warrior was said to be granted his promised power from when reading it), but his growing pride lust for power alerted Oogway of darkness in his heart, prompting the wise tortoise to refuse the title from the snow leopard. Shifu watching Po get hurt in the Training Hall. Though he wasn't seen doing so, he traveled to the city and convinced Masters Storming Ox and Croc to leave their cell and help Po and the Five fight against Lord Shen and his forces. He raised Tai Lung and trained him kung fu. After a moment of clear indecision, Tai Lung hardened his heart and grasped his master by the throat tightly, proclaiming that he wasn't after an apology — he still wanted the scroll. But Shifu's stern and bitter personality disheartened her, afraid that Tigress would become like Tai Lung, which always making her feel like her efforts weren't enough. Shifu was also taken aback when he learned that Po mistook him for a raccoon, and eventually decided to call it a day. Student(s) One day, his father dropped him off at the Jade Palace, promising to return in five minutes. [10] It is presumed that the Five eventually disbanded and went their separate ways some time after Fenghuang turned to evil and fled after failing to defeat Oogway. However, upon opening the scroll, it was revealed that it was blank. Shifu underwent Kung Fu training under Oogway's instruction as a member of the original Furious Five - alongside Fenghuang, Junior Elephant, Rooster and Snow Leopard. PENGUINS - DREAMWORKS Pinguini … Kung Fu Panda : Le Choc des Légendes sur Wii U : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. 9,49 EUR. Later, while meditating in the grotto again, Shifu sensed something was wrong and nearly collapsed just after Po had been blasted back in Gongmen City. 6,60 EUR. He is the current senior master of the Jade Palace and trainer of many kung fu warriors, including Po (the Dragon Warrior), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung. This led to an argument with Po, who reminded him that he was trying to get rid of him since he arrived. Jeu Kung Fu Panda 2 . Cherchez la réplique de Maître Shifu dans le film Kung Fu Panda sur Google Vidéo. It wasn't until Po saved his life and brought the old master peace that he began to let go of the past and open up to his students once again. Orange-brown, dark brown, and white Aunque Tai Lung lo derrotó por segunda vez en un intento de revancha. "[8], In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Shifu wholly welcomed Mr. Ping as a guest to the Jade Palace on account of his demolished noodle shop, despite Po's qualms. A devastated Shifu then watches the statue of Oogway fall down the steps and land in the valley below. [14], Shifu informing Po about the Palace's plans for the Winter Feast. Po and the Furious Five are chafing under the restrictions placed on them by Constable Hu, who refuses to allow them to use their kung fu against criminals like Bao, Tsao, and Lao without obtaining a permit. New (4) from $59.99 + FREE Shipping. [15] As her new master, and possibly the only person unafraid of her and who hadn't regarded her as a monster, she was always eager to please him. At the start of the short, he dashes with Po to the Gate. Guardado por Karelia Alcala. 5 . Frasi celebri e citazioni dal film Kung Fu Panda di Mark Osborne, John Stevenson con Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane. He determined that he would prove that Po wasn't the true Dragon Warrior by treating him to many punishing "exercises", believing the panda would swiftly bow under the stress and quit by morning. Living Master Shifu is one of the main supporting characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He then told Po to take the Five and travel to Gongmen City to stop Lord Shen and destroy the weapon. Ha così modo di incontrare i suoi idoli. However, they disagreed on who the Dragon Warrior should be. These burdened Po, but he tried suggesting that he invite his father to the feast, only for Shifu to refuse him, noting how guests were not allowed. Though the young red panda had the neatly balanced power among them, he and the rest of the Five were simply unable to be an effective team since the loss of a leader and most powerful member like Fenghuang, due to the most powerful students Oogway ever had sharing the same trait of becoming evil. Shifu underwent kung fu training under Oogway's instruction as a member of the Former Furious Five—alongside Fenghuang the owl, Rooster, Elephant, and Snow Leopard. Alla fine del film, grazie al suo costante impegno diventerà un vero esperto di Kung Fu. Puoi anche scaricare gratis le tue … 3 . The vow of silence enabled Wushen to strip away from the distraction of words and focus his Chi into achieving great things. His training with this loyalty-centering art thus taught Shifu that true balance would be obtained not by letting the world's weight control him, but by becoming weightless and having control of the world. Jeu Kung Fu Panda Shifu : Le jeu Kung Fu Panda Shifu est un de nos meilleurs jeux de kung fu panda shifu et jeux de jeux de kung fu gratuits !!! Shifu continued to oversee Tigress' training, but was dissatisfied by her inability to replicate his style of Kung fu, though Oogway attempted to convince him of the foolhardiness of expecting Tigress to be just like him. Jealous, Taotie sought to make up for his lackings by absorbing his poor Kung Fu skills with his mechanical mind, thus building a giant weapon in the form of a wooden warrior fulled by the sacred Jade Orb of Infinate Power devised to get rid of his weaknesses. Como maestro del Palacio de Jade, las habilidades de Shifu posiblemente rivalizan con las de su propio maestro, Oogway, quien era considerado por muchos el maestro más grande en la historia del kung fu. Regardez le making of du film Kung Fu Panda 3 (Kung Fu Panda 3 - MAKING OF "Pierre Arditi parle de Maître Shifu"). Please SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel for More Movie Clips. —Shifu giving his life to save his students and displaying his true pride for them., Shifu's original brown attire first featured in, Shifu's green-colored attire first featured in, Early conceptual artwork of Shifu by Nicolas Marlet and Raymond Zibach, Concept artwork of Shifu by Nicolas Marlet, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip Nothing is impossible, Kung Fu Panda (2008)- Hall of Warriors clip, Kung Fu Panda "Fluttering Finger Mindslip Memory Loss". Dreamworks Animation Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. After making it clear to the distressed panda that he would regret being chosen, Shifu proceeded to do everything in his power to get rid of him, setting him up to fail in the Training Hall and several brutal sparring matches with the Furious Five and himself, snickering and offering no help as the panda stumbled and got hurt in each obstacle. He has begun to show a gentler nature reflecting that of Oogway's. Kung Fu Panda: Art of Balance Early in story development, Shifu was going to be, According to a video interview, Shifu had a longer nose in early character development. To his utter surprise, the unlikely band of heroes managed to triumph, saving the valley of peace from Boar. Neuf. Kai absorbs the chi of Monkey and Viper, while separating Tigress and Shifu with a blast of Chi. The fight was evenly matched for a long time, until Tai Lung renewed his vicious attacks on the aging master, screaming accusations and taunts before demanding to be told of how proud Shifu was of him. Acting as the announcer on the day of the tournament, Shifu introduced each member of the Furious Five to the crowds that gathered to view the event, unaware that the time of the choosing would be interrupted by the presence of Mr. Ping's adoptive son Po, who was accidentally shut out of the tournament and was looking for a mean to get inside the arena to watch. At the end, Shifu asks the bunnies what they learned about kung-fu and asks Po to continue while he was on his way to meditate. One of the many ways of training she endured was punching the iron-wood trees outside the palace, an exercise that eventually resulted in her having no feeling in her paws. He did this twice in the first film, when he sparred with Po and when he fought Tai Lung. He continued by explaining how inner peace could be achieved through various ways. He is the deuteragonist of Kung Fu Panda, a supporting character of Kung Fu Panda 2, and one of the twotritagonists of Kung Fu Panda 3 (alongside Tigress). Shifu then learned that the panda had a deep self-loathing, as Po revealed he had taken all the abuse because he considered it better than being himself, and had hoped the master could change him. Once Po had arrived, Shifu started their lesson off by demonstrating one of Oogway's final teachings about inner peace. Shifu began to panic that Po would completely skip out on the Jade Palace's formal feast and pleaded somebody to do something; a goose singer amateurishly tried to sing, only making Shifu groan. He also regarded the existence of a "Level Zero" when Po failed at his first day of training.  •  The Furious Five •  The Dragon Warrior Po •  Mei Ling (ex-girlfriend) Affiliation(s) The hall appeared impressive, but it still improved only Shifu's training in combat. -Maestro Shifu – Fue mi orgullo lo que me cegó. But, after Tai Lung broke his heart, he became distant, a strict and mean taskmaster, and somewhat heartless. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Shifu wears a silver shawl with faint snowflake designs laced into it. 19. Unwilling to make the same mistake he made with Tai Lung, he became distant and closed off to his students, driving them with vigorous training inside the newly-revamped Training Hall—the most challenging training hall ever designed so far. [12], Despite his former hardened heart, Shifu does have a sense of humor. She is a member of the Furious Five as well as one of Master Shifu's students at the Jade Palace. Achat immédiat +4,80 EUR (livraison) Kai KUNG FU PANDA 3. Though he wasn't seen doing so, he traveled to the city and convinced Masters Storming Ox and Croc to leave their cell and help Po and the Five fight against Lord Shen and his forces. But then he added that he eventually came to realize that it wasn't Po that was the problem, but instead within himself. 6 . It wasn't until the day's end when Shifu appeared once again, taking Tigress with him back to the Jade Palace and starting her training in the Tiger Style of kung fu. After his failure with Tai Lung, Shifu became a harsh and strict teacher to prevent history from repeating itself, but this only made his students feel inferior (as well as greatly pressured) and he drove them to try even harder to please him. Shifu Kung Fu Panda 3, un film de Jennifer Yuh Nelson et Alessandro Carloni La primera derrota deShifu fue la de Tai Lung, porque él no podía decidirse a herir a su ex hijo adoptivo. Shifu te enseñó bien, pero no te enseñó todo. Shifu restrains Kai by his weapons, telling him he won't let him destroy Oogway's memory. Shifu and the other Masters stayed for the city's celebration and watched as fireworks decorated the golden sky. Po presumed that there would dancing and sun-lanterns at the event, but Shifu corrected him by stating that the feast was traditionally and strictly formal, to which Po quickly agreed. Sometimes, however, both father and son were forced out of each village right when the villagers found out that the talismans were fake. [9], Shifu with the other Former Furious Five members. Découvrez tous les coloriages et jeux à imprimer Kung Fu Panda 2 avec Momes.net : Jeu Kung Fu Panda 2 . 2 . Tai LungThe Furious FivePo Shifu spent half of his childhood in the countryside of China as a shill to his con-man father Shirong, who he accompanied to villages around the country to sell ancient magical amulets that were made to cure the sick. Il ne reste plus que 3 exemplaire(s) en stock (d'autres exemplaires sont en cours d'acheminement). But Po then told him he had a great teacher. – Maestro Shifu. It was presumably some time after becoming a master that Shifu had heard the cries of an infant outside the palace gates, where he discovered an abandoned snow leopard cub in swaddling cloth. When Po finally bested Shifu at the game, and then demonstrated his emotional growth by declining to eat it as a sign of his overcoming his psychological dependence on food, he knew that Po was ready to receive the Dragon Scroll and revive the unlimited power that came with it. He continued by explaining how inner peace could be achieved through various ways. En lo que yo te convertía. Fue solo un accidente. Witnessing the panda's potential and determination however, Shifu eventually came to believe in him, successfully teaching Po the skills needed for him to ultimately save the Valley of Peace. Jul 19, 2019 - Autocontrol es no agarrar las pinzas. Though he could understand wanting to spend a holiday with his father, Shifu reminded Po that he still had his duties as the Dragon Warrior. Chaque citation, réplique ou dialogue est triée sur le volet. However, in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Shifu explained that he and his father had traveled to other villages to sell fake amulets ever since he was a young boy. Ecco di seguito le migliori frasi di Kung Fu Panda da leggere, copiare e condividere con chi vuoi. By the time Shifu was becoming a teenager, Shirong dropped him off at the mystical Jade Palace before heading off into the village down below in the Valley of Peace, promising to return in five minutes. [12], He was also very objective in terms of obedience to his master, following Oogway's every word closely. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness He also wears black pants (white in the TV series), closed-toed sandals, traditional Shaolin leg wraps around his ankles and lower legs, and a ring-like item that holds together his small goatee. May 2, 2017 - Resultado de imagen para imagenes maestro shifu kung fu panda. C'est aux côtés de Po, Grue, Tigresse, Vipère, Singe et Mante qu'il protège la vallée! Oogway announced that it was now the time to choose the Dragon Warrior, and advised Shifu to prepare his students for the tournament that would take place for the purpose. After sharing the news with his students (Shifu unamused as Po had been mimicking him at the time), Po was alarmed and fled after hearing that he was the only one who could stop Tai Lung. In the same episode, Shifu was also seen dancing for the first time (which was a plot to take off the chains that Temutai placed on him to prevent his escape). However, Shifu becomes unbalanced at seeing Oogway's chi pendant around Kai's neck and, as a result, his hit fails to hurt Kai directly, causing Shifu to fall to the ground. Biographical info Books Just as he and Po were about to begin practicing the lesson, Tigress arrived with news of the Musician Village being raided by |wolves. As a result, the leopard was luckily stopped when Oogway jammed multiple pressure points on him with a Chi-based nerve attack, leaving Shifu horrified as the warrior he raised and trained fell unconscious before him. But Po then told him he had a great teacher. 7 . Oogway o Maestro Oogway è un personaggio immaginario della Dreamworks Animation, comparso nei tre film della saga di Kung Fu Panda.Ha fatto anche apparizioni in diverse puntate di cartoni animati come Kung Fu Panda - Mitiche avventure.Compare per la prima volta nel film Kung Fu Panda del 2008, quando convoca Shifu al Palazzo di Giada. [13], Throughout the series, Shifu is shown to be generally enigmatic and calm, but on rare occasion also displays a playful side. By using slow tai chi movements, Shifu took a small water drop that dripped from one of the cave's stalactites and carefully moved it onto the leaf of a nearby plant without breaking the droplet. Shifu attempted to stop him with a single blow but hesitated, knowing that he couldn't hurt his very first pupil, and let the rampaging monster knock him aside, shattering his hip. Eye color Ater meeting the clumsy panda face-to-face, Shifu wasted no time in trying to intimidate him, insulting his portly body weight and bullying him with potential use of the Wuxi Finger Hold when he talked back. Shifu saw Po climb up onto a piece of floating timber and face Shen's fleet, seemingly trying to sacrifice himself to save his friends. When this stress started having the red panda quit Kung Fu, Oogway persuaded him otherwise by teaching him the balance-armed discipline of Hing Kung. Resting all during the ensuing battle that resulted in Po utilizing the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung, Shifu was mistaken by Po to be dying, but he had merely found peace after confronting his greatest mistakes. Shifu understood that the best way to teach him was to use food as motivation, and with that, he took the panda to the Wu Dan Mountains. Twenty years passed since Tai Lung was put in prison, with the Furious Five gaining great fame across China during that time. 9,99 EUR 0 enchères + 22,00 EUR livraison . The sleeves of his standard burgundy robe appear to have been re-sewn with the same jade material in place of the silver. Shifu's relationship with Wushen proved to be at first obnoxious due to the frog having to spend his Kung Fu practices talking instead of focusing, which could disrupt his Chi if speaking a lot and doing Kung Fu at the same time. Surrounded by debris, Kai tells Shifu that Po will suffer the same fate, while absorbing Shifu's chi. Eleanorkennington93. Weakened Shifu being told by Po that Tai Lung has been defeated. On their last mission together, though, the Five went to stop the demon Xi'an from burning down the Imperial government with the power of his mystic sword. Residence Po was reluctant to let Shifu fight alone, afraid he would be killed, but he obeyed and left with the Five. (Maestro Shifu)Lo squadrone ravioli si apposterà qui. Inspire a love of reading with Prime Book Box for Kids Kung Fu Panda 3, film d'animazione statunitense del 2016 prodotto dalla DreamWorks Animation.. Frasi []. He is the current senior master of the Jade Palace and trainer of many kung fu warriors, including Po (the Dragon Warrior), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung. Finally, it paid off, and young Tigress learned the control she needed to safely interact with the other orphans. Television programs Yet, Shifu still had to test the balance developed for his description as a teacher within his status of master, and immediately did so when he seemed to have found both a pupil for himself to also act as a father to within a snow leopard cub named Tai Lung, who he found abandoned at the gates of the Jade Palace training grounds one night later and adopted as his own son. She worked hard at her kung fu training to make him proud, and perhaps wished to become the Dragon Warrior herself as a means to do so. Quelle est la citation de Maître Shifu la plus courte ? All three kung fu masters did so, and with their help, Po and the Five were able to fight off a good majority of Shen's forces, with Shifu taking out boats of enemies single-handedly. Utilizing domino tiles, Shifu set to work taming the cub's untrained power, attempting to teach her grace and gentleness. In general, Shifu was dedicated to his master and rarely argued with his wisdom, no matter how eccentric it might have seemed to him. She is a master of the Tiger Style of kung fu. At Oogway's suggestion, he took a vow of silence that eventually improved his skills within a week and helped him develop the Silken Moon Touch, a new mystical move that would later make him famous, demonstrating in front of an amazed Shifu and their master. It is unknown when and where exactly Shifu gained the members of the Furious Five, with the exception of Tigress, whom he took in as a child after being recruited by the matron of the Bao Gu Orphanage to help her control her temper and destructive strength. kung fu panda 3 peluche tigress GG00990/1 Grandi giochi. Games Shifu looks unlike most red pandas. D'occasion. Taotie. Po appeared to be getting better at the art, but still was lacking balance, and at one point was 'flung' into a tree by a vase, much to Shifu's surprise and exasperation. Li says that since he is a panda, he knows the ancient chi technique, and will teach Po if he learns how to be a panda. It wasn't until the day's end when Shifu appeared once again, taking Tigress with him back to the Jade Palace to start her Kung Fu training. Background information Shifu found him as a cub, raised him as his son, and trained him in kung fu. [12], Shifu also exhibits sarcasm. Shifu then quietly mentioned to him that he had a feeling he would forget the words, so he wrote them on Po's napkin. As Po runs off, Mr. Ping asks if he has any interest working at the restaurant, and Shifu responds, "None whatsoever. When Po crashed the ceremony by landing in front of Oogway, just as the tortoise raised his hand to point out the Dragon Warrior, Shifu was outraged. Jeu Kung Fu Panda 2 . Badly wounded and defeated, Shifu knew that this was his one last chance at making amends with his former son and student, and apologized; telling him that he was indeed proud of him, and that Shifu's pride had blinded him to what Tai Lung was becoming. D'occasion. Shifu [8], Shifu witnessing the Winter Feast gathering at Mr. Ping's noodle shop, Yet, while still holding firm to the (formal) traditions of the Feast, Shifu's devious side is still apparent—this time, in favor of aiding Po rather than torturing him. . Master Shifu (or simply Shifu) is one of the main characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Anxious, Shifu sought out Oogway under the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, relaying the bad news. Shifu witnesses Po beat the antelope by balancing on the knives Kuo throws at him. Voiced by Shifu challenging Taotie to a match in his past. Williamhodkinson55. [12], Meditative, perceptive, and creative, Shifu approached kung fu and teaching with dynamism. Kung Fu Panda è un film d'azione del 2008, diretto da Mark Osborne e John Stevenson e prodotto dalla DreamWorks Animation, che racconta le vicende di un panda gigante intento a imparare le arti marziali. However, upon opening the scroll, it was revealed that it was blank. Left unable to fight, Shifu reluctantly dispatched Tigress to recruit four warriors to fight against Boar. (2nd film). Shifu reading the distress message to Po and the Five. Though these students became well-known for their heroics, none of them were selected to be the Dragon Warrior, and Shifu was outraged when Po was chosen instead. This was shown from the moment Shifu met Po, as he seemed to take delight in trying to drive the bumbling panda away, slowly turning up the heat with every challenge he gave Po and chuckling to himself at his incompetence. But, after Tai Lung broke his heart, he became distant, a strict and mean taskmaster, and somewhat heartless. After Shifu stops Kuo from making a silent getaway (by tossing him into a wall) he congratulates Po on finding inner balance, and informs him of a crisis at Crescent Ridge where the Five needs his assistance. Master Oogway announced that it was now the time to choose the Dragon Warrior, and advised Shifu to prepare his students for the tournament that would take place for the purpose. Shifu allowed Po to go with the Furious Five and protect the village. This is seen when he rebuked the Furious Five to be "doing well if they were trying to disappoint him" when they failed to defeat him in a training session earlier in the first film. As a result, Shifu became internally unbalanced (or, as Shifu himself stated, "trapped in transition"), and at one point, this resulted in him getting beaten up by a dummy on a rope. La última frontera del empoderamiento femenino y la depilación es poder tener pelos del mentón sin vergüenza 20. Badly wounded and defeated, Shifu knew that this was his one last chance at making amends with his former son and student, and apologized; telling him that he was indeed proud of him and that Shifu's pride had blinded him to what Tai Lung was becoming. Cette phrase possède 16 mots. Shifu also wears a hat similar to the others at the palace feast. By the time they returned to the Jade Palace, Shifu believed that Po was ready to receive the Dragon Scroll, and used his name instead of calling him "panda" when addressing him. After returning the next day, Shifu read to them a message he received from Gongmen City, stating how Master Thundering Rhino had been killed by a weapon that "breathes fire and spits metal". However, once he overstayed his welcome and caused all sorts of chaos about the Palace, he declared to Po that the old goose must instead take up residence at a boarding house in the Valley. The news instantly set them in an uproar, making Tigress and the other Five leave the palace to try and stop Tai Lung on their own while Shifu attempted to stop a panicking Po from leaving. He trained Po and soon came to believe he really was the Dragon Warrior. But when Po was finally seated with the other kung fu masters at the Jade Palace, he found that he couldn't enjoy the ceremony (as much as he admired the kung fu heroes present) and he explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family. 3. (2nd film), "Unless he is stopped, this could be the end of Kung Fu!" When he ordered them to evacuate the Valley, they were willing to do so, and it was at this time that Shifu admitted he was proud of them all. Much to Mr Ping's dismay, Shifu encourages Po to go. Cherchez cette citation sur Google Livre. Shirong (father)Tai Lung (adopted son)Tigress (adopted daughter) While Po ran off to help the Furious Five with the bandits, Shifu politely excused himself from Mr. Ping's shop. ", Shifu teaching Po about the concept of inner peace. La réplique la plus culte de Maître Shifu est : « Les seuls souvenirs qu'on collectionne ce sont des mains en sang et des os brisés.» (Maître Shifu dans Kung Fu Panda). Media info Jeu Kung Fu Panda . Mr. Ping tried to tell Shifu that they were decorating the noodle shop, but Shifu appeared not to have heard this.

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